The Caddie Hall of Fame

Eligibility and Nomination Procedures.

Inductees into The Caddie Hall of Fame typically fall into one of three categories. They are either:

Junior caddies: Prominent individuals who have used their caddie experiences as a steppingstone for future success.

Caddie administrators/advocates: Individuals whose involvement with caddies and caddie programs bettered the lives of many.

Professional caddies: Individuals who became prominent caddies and used caddying to better others.

To be considered for induction, nomination letters are reviewed by WGA Directors, Evans Alums and other interested parties between Jan. 1 through May 30 each year. The Caddie Hall of Fame committee then reviews and decides upon all nominations before new inductees are formally announced by the WGA.

Induction ceremonies will be made annually. Ceremonies may take place at host clubs, selection meetings, ES fundraising events, nationally at the WGA championships, Green Coat Gala, WGA Annual Meeting, special WGA/ESF awards night or the Evans Scholars Summer Outing.

We are very close to the caddie community, know many of the greats and many of those bound to become greats. Sometimes, a gem slips through, however. If you know someone worthy of joining the heritage of the caddies in The Caddie Hall of Fame, please tell us about them:

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