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Jack Nicklaus


Inducted in 2013

If it weren't for the experience he gained caddying for his father Charlie at Scioto Country Club near Columbus, OH, the man many consider to be the greatest golfer to ever live might never have picked up a club.

Jack Nicklaus, winner of a record 18 major championships and 73 PGA TOUR events, began his life in golf as a caddie for his father and has never ceased promoting the important role caddies play in the game. Whether through his relationships with high-profile caddies such as Angelo Argea, Willie Peterson and Jimmy Dickinson or having his sons carry his bag in several major championships, Nicklaus has shown himself to be a steadfast supporter of caddies. For these reasons, he was honored with induction into the Caddie Hall of Fame, which honors those who support caddies and their role in the game of golf.

"I started as a caddie, just like a lot of other kids," Nicklaus said. "If my father hadn’t taken me out and said, 'I need somebody to carry the bag,' I wouldn’t be here, I'm sure of that."

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