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Chick Evans


Inducted in 1999

Everything Charles "Chick" Evans Jr. achieved in his life or aspired to accomplish was done with his fellow caddies in mind.

Chick Evans got his start in golf as a caddie at Edgewater Golf Club in Chicago, Illinois, at the age of eight. Evans earned his greatest fame in 1916, when he won both the U.S. Open and U.S. Amateur. Pressure soon mounted for him to turn professional, but Evans wasn’t interested in playing for money. To preserve his amateur status, Evans decided any earnings would be used to help fund college scholarships for caddies. In 1928, Evans persuaded the Western Golf Association to oversee the trust fund, and in 1930, the first two Evans Scholars enrolled at Northwestern University. Since then, the Evans Scholars Foundation has sent thousands of young men and women to college on full tuition and housing scholarships.

Chick Evans' devotion to caddies earned him a place in the Caddie Hall of Fame, which honors those who support caddies and their role in the game of golf. "The caddie is the lifeblood of the game of golf – a great companion, a friendly conversationalist and a smiling face. This is what the game of golf is truly all about," Evans said.

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