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Andrew 'Rooney' Butler


Inducted in 2003

Many would say Andrew “Rooney” Butler was the best caddie to ever accompany a golfer at Ireland’s fabled Tramore Golf Club. A gnarled and smallish Dickensian character, he wore a woolen greatcoat and hat even on the hottest of summer days. He commonly made his way around the course in his Wellingtons, with an ever present 5-iron clutched in his hand, a memento of a legendary round in bygone days.

As a teacher of the game, he was as responsible as anyone for a whole generation of Tramore junior golfers. In 1994, a book commemorating Tramore's centennial described Butler as a “caddie with an extraordinary flair for the game” as well as “a lovable and inoffensive character.” A large portrait of Butler now hangs in the clubhouse and he is remembered as a universally beloved figure.

For his work promoting the important role of caddies in the game of golf, Andrew Butler earned a place in the Caddie Hall of Fame, which recognizes individuals who support caddying.