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Carl Eisenbrei


Inducted in 2007

Carl Eisenbrei began his caddie career at the Congress Lake Club in Hartville, Ohio, at age 11 and continued caddying there for more than 60 years.

His enthusiasm for golf and life was contagious and contributed greatly to the culture that’s woven into Congress Lake’s golf and caddie programs. He acted as a mentor to countless young people and often helped younger caddies, offering gentle advice and an always receptive ear. Many considered him one of the finest natural teachers of caddying and how to be a good person. Always friendly, courteous and reliable, Eisenbrei loved being a caddie and was an inspiration to the caddies and members of the club.

For his work promoting the important role of caddies in the game of golf, Carl Eisenbrei earned a place in the Caddie Hall of Fame, which recognizes individuals who support caddying.