The Caddie Hall of Fame

Tony Battistelo

Class of 2015

The longtime caddie manager at Sunset Ridge in Northfield, Illinois, Tony Battistelo has been a steadfast advocate for caddies and their role in the game of golf.

Battistelo helped established one of the nation’s most recognized caddie programs, and is credited with mentoring thousands of youth caddies. Battistelo stepped down in 1986, handing the reins of the club’s caddie programs over to fellow Caddie Hall of Fame inductee Greg Kunkel. As caddie manager, Battistelo helped shape the lives of thousands of Sunset Ridge caddies, many of whom went on to earn the Evans Scholarship.

For his work promoting the important role of caddies in the game of golf, Tony Battistelo earned a place in The Caddie Hall of Fame, which recognizes individuals who support caddying.

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